Justin Kader

Globular Clusters | Star-Forming Regions | Optical Spectroscopy

Welcome to my Homepage!

I am an observational astrophysicist interested in the processes which shape the evolution of galaxies. I am particularly interested in the role that globular clusters may have in the formation of galaxies. I am also interested in the various modes of interaction between hot massive stars and the interstellar medium, since these processes control the future of star formation in galaxies.

Observational data acquired from ground-based and spaced-based observatories are the cornerstone of my work. Most of my projects involve a combination of multiwavelength archival data and my own observations. I rely on various programming languages to process data and make statistical inferences about astrophysical phenomena.

I am currently an astrophysics PhD candidate at the Indiana University Department of Astronomy, working with my dissertation advisor Prof. Catherine Pilachowski on photometric studies of the stellar populations of globular clusters near the Galactic bulge. Before coming to Indiana University, I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in physics from University of California Santa Cruz, and then my Master of Science degree in physics from San Francisco State University.

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